Sep. 11th, 2012

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[It had been hardly more than fifteen minutes since Leah had been dead - exterminated from the slice in her throat and the snapped vertebrae that made her head hang in a precarious angle, until Elliot had cupped her body close against his own.

The disaster at the theatre was past. The Head Hunter was dead, culled by his Elliot's blade. Leah had missed the brutal execution, already dead at the foot of the stairs she had been thrown down. That Leo had called her a Baskerville. Elliot hadn't questioned it, but Leah had denied it until the knife had opened up her throat. The Nightray scion was carrying the dead girl in his arms, away from the nightmare.

Even now, her ancient bloodline was working for her benefit. While the blood did not seep back into her body, the flesh began to knit and heal together in her neck, closing the wound until nothing but a horizontal scar crossed over her trachea. One by one, her ribs extracted themselves from her punctured lung and ossified back into place to form that protective thoracic cage, followed soon by her wrist mending after it had snapped when she had tried to stop herself from falling.

With a staccato crackle of vertebrae rocking together, her neck straightened. There was uncomfortable groan from her before she squirmed in Elliot's arms and opened her eyes...]


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