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Ever since Elliot had brought her to his room, she hadn't left. Not after the horrific night at the opera. After barely recovering from shock, she had tried to ask Elliot what had happened to that Leo who had hurt her. Elliot had only replied that he did not know - with a face too genuine for her to believe that he was lying.

But even if the Nightray didn't remember what had happened, he still let Leah stay in his room, using his clothes and bed and bathroom for all her needs, even bringing her meals whenever she actually felt like eating and some books to pass the time.

But other than that, she was left alone in the room for long, torturous hours. Every time she felt brave enough to place her hand on the doorknob, her feet would immediately backpedal and she'd find herself taking shelter under the covers, clutching at her neck. The Head Hunter's knife had opened a deep gash in her neck. She was certain she had died - but had she returned so soon? Every time she dwelt upon the answer, the buzzing and clicking of the Others reverberated in her mind, prompting her to clear her thoughts and mentally avoid the topic. Avoid all memory of that night, and hide the scar on her neck with wrapping one of Elliot's scarves around it.

In the present, Leah hasn't had any contact with the outside world, declining the paper when Elliot had offered it. If anyone was looking for her, she wasn't about to leave secret messages around for him. Not with that monster skulking about the halls.

Still, whenever Xani would make her entrance, she'd find the girl asleep in Elliot's bed, curled up like a rodent and getting her pillow wet from damp hair after leaving a long bath.
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"Of course, dear. Someone had to bring you some. From what I've seen, your young man has only been bringing you sensible foods."

Castration can likely be arranged. Red is vicious that way.
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"He means well," Xani says; she acknowledges that he's been a source of shelter and support for the girl at the very least. "But sometimes, one sort of help is effective and another is not, no matter how nice the intentions."

She squints at the mention of this "Leona" person, trying to recall if she's heard the name. She hasn't.

"I don't believe I know a Leona. I can try to track her down, if you like."
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"Another version of you, then? I'll what I can dig up."

Really, Xani has made no decisions as of yet as to whether or not she approves of young master Nightray. From what she's seen, there are things she likes about him, and things she doesn't. Whether he's a good match for Leah -- even if only for the moment -- is far more important, and it is, she thinks, still too early to know for sure about that.

If nothing else, he seems able to draw Leah a little further out of her shell than most others, and that's a point in his favor, at least.
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The courtesan plucks one from the box, and settles in for a nibble. She'd had her own fill when she bought the things, of course, but she'll rarely say no to another -- and, by eating with Leah instead of simply watching her feed, she's showing her own solidarity. She's a companion now, not just a caretaker.

Not that Xani is thinking that deeply into it. She never does. Mostly, she just likes food.

"It's getting colder out," she says idly, speaking now of harmless things. "Such an awful time of year; it's so hard to figure out what to wear. Cold enough for coats in the evening, too hot for them during the day, and it all feels completely different depending on whether you're moving or standing still."
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"You and I met, when you were sick," Xani reminds her. "I had to drag you down the hallway because you wouldn't go to bed on your own, and you hissed at me~"

Her tone is amused and teasing; and, clearly, she wouldn't be so involved with the girl now if she'd been overly put off by that first impression. It's funny to look back on, actually. Leah doesn't hiss at her anymore, but she hasn't really gotten any less surly, and sometimes, she's as defensive as ever.

"...has it really been that long? My. At least eight months, I daresay."
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"The place certainly does its best to keep us busy, doesn't it?"

Xani doesn't sound entirely happy about this; more wry than anything else. She's lazy. Sometimes it takes her two hours to get up in the morning. Sometimes she doesn't get up in the morning, and takes two hours to get up for lunch. Being busy doesn't suit her at all; that's something for other people, while Xani minces about in the background and provides the harassment necessary to keep the people around her from taking things too seriously.

And also just to amuse herself. Everyone needs a hobby. Xani's is being a terror.

"The first thing that happened to me when I arrived was -- I found a dear friend of mine trapped underneath enchanted mistletoe in a snowstorm, and had to kiss him free." She'd wound up in his bed, ultimately, but he vanished not long ago. Xani's been a little lonely since, but at least Red is paying her more attention lately. "The poor thing tried to explain this place to me and I went out to try and find him a doctor, thinking he'd hit his head too hard."
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"Of course you do," the courtesan says, chuckling. "You and Red both. And yet, somehow, I rarely find either of you when I go looking."

It's probably just as well; one of these days Leah and Red will probably run into one another if they're both there all the time, and Xani isn't sure how the timid girl would react to the other courtesan without Xani there. Red can be very sweet when she's in the mood, even maternal; but she's prettier than Xani by far, and bossy, and she can be just as snippy as she can be nice. It would be terribly sad if Leah caught her in a grumpy mood and they started off on the wrong foot...
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The giggle is a surprise, but Xani is ever so pleased to hear it. To be honest, after going through something so traumatic and then hiding from the world for so long, the courtesan hadn't expected such a thing for months. But if Leah can laugh, Xani will play along.

"Sneaky, is it? Oh, you're just hiding from me." She's pouting, but it's exaggerated; her tone is obviously a joke, and in no way to be taken seriously. "Are books reeeeeally more interesting? I know where all the good food is, and where all the sales are!"
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"About what? Tell me about your favorites."

She wants to keep the girl talking while the mood lasts. It's something Xani has seen Shelly do, from time to time. Something about providing an attentive ear as a positive reinforcement for those first tiny stages of opening up, or something. Perhaps she should introduce Leah to the local Shelly...
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"You like the suspense," Xani guesses, encouraging. "And figuring things out."

It's interesting; the girl is so quite and self-contained that Xani wouldn't have guessed her to enjoy things like danger and uncertainty. The courtesan is learning some new things about her tiny friend, today.