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Ever since Elliot had brought her to his room, she hadn't left. Not after the horrific night at the opera. After barely recovering from shock, she had tried to ask Elliot what had happened to that Leo who had hurt her. Elliot had only replied that he did not know - with a face too genuine for her to believe that he was lying.

But even if the Nightray didn't remember what had happened, he still let Leah stay in his room, using his clothes and bed and bathroom for all her needs, even bringing her meals whenever she actually felt like eating and some books to pass the time.

But other than that, she was left alone in the room for long, torturous hours. Every time she felt brave enough to place her hand on the doorknob, her feet would immediately backpedal and she'd find herself taking shelter under the covers, clutching at her neck. The Head Hunter's knife had opened a deep gash in her neck. She was certain she had died - but had she returned so soon? Every time she dwelt upon the answer, the buzzing and clicking of the Others reverberated in her mind, prompting her to clear her thoughts and mentally avoid the topic. Avoid all memory of that night, and hide the scar on her neck with wrapping one of Elliot's scarves around it.

In the present, Leah hasn't had any contact with the outside world, declining the paper when Elliot had offered it. If anyone was looking for her, she wasn't about to leave secret messages around for him. Not with that monster skulking about the halls.

Still, whenever Xani would make her entrance, she'd find the girl asleep in Elliot's bed, curled up like a rodent and getting her pillow wet from damp hair after leaving a long bath.

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Xani finds out through the newspaper. You wouldn't expect her to be the sort of person who keeps up with the news, really; the courtesan isn't exactly secretive about her complete lack of interest in politics, new houses, and business. But it's also where the murders of young prostitutes are occasionally mentioned, and news of this, she seeks out avidly.

She had never once thought to find Leah in the paper instead, her death having made headlines after the opera Xani hadn't bothered to attend.

It takes her a few days to track the girl down, afterwards. She'd been digging up information here and there on Elliot Nightray, of course, but there's more than one about the place, and narrowing down which one was likely be the one of Leah's interest is a bit of a feat when Leah herself is so dismally scarce. At last, though, she figures out which door is her target. The courtesan gets into the room easily -- doors don't stop Breaks -- and with her, she has a box of warm cinnamon rolls, fetched from the bakery they'd gone to together right before she broke in.

Xani met a Liam who had died in this place, once, and it had left him shaken. She has little doubt the girl, far more timid and uncertain in the first place, will likely be a far greater mess than he. Leah may not even be up for cinnamon rolls at all, if it's really bad. But dammit, Xani brings them anyway. Goodness knows Leah could use a bit more meat on her bones even when she isn't just back from the dead.

The smell of them fills the room as the courtesan enters, shutting the door quietly behind her.


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